AutoPay Management


This article details how payers can enroll in, unenroll in, and modify AutoPay.

Enrolling in AutoPay

Payers enroll in AutoPay in one of two ways:

  • as a step of online enrollment
  • via their parent portal

Several conditions need to be met:

  • Billing person must be configured on the invoice
  • Students for that parent must be registered for VCPay
  • VCPay terms and conditions must be accepted.

Unenrolling in AutoPay

Payers cannot unenroll themselves; they need to contact you.

  • You can exclude single payers via the status on the autopay batch detail screen.
  • You can unenroll a person for all future autopay batches via the Unenroll From AutoPay menu option on the invoice detail screen.
  • You can unenroll payers prior to invoice creation via the menu option on the Payment Account detail screen.

Modifying AutoPay

Payers can modify which payment account to use for AutoPay via their parent portal.


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