AutoPay Quick Start Guide


AutoPay — a feature of VC Pay — processes payments in schedule AutoPay batches. This quick start guide covers aspects of configuring these batches and best practice workflow.

Scheduled AutoPay Batches

Veracross creates specific batches depending on your school’s tuition configuration, taking into account invoice type, payment plan, installment and school year.

The AutoPay Homepage

AutoPay Admin security role is required to access the AutoPay homepage and AutoPay batches. This homepage provides quick access to AutoPay batches and configuration options.

The AutoPay Batch Header Record


Batches are at the center of AutoPay functionality. They can be reviewed and approved. Reviewing batches is optional but suggested as part of your office’s workflow. Batches must be approved to move them through the AutoPay cycle.

These are the highlights of the header (“Processing Queue”) record:

Section Field Meaning
General Batch Type Invoice Payments
General Batch Date The date the batch will be processed
Approval Status Approved? Status – a batch must be approved in order for it to run.
Review Status Reviewed? Optionally, mark the batch as reviewed to assist with batch  workflow.


On the right of the AutoPay batch header are validation fields that highlight details about the batch that are worthy of note. They are informational only and do not prevent the batch from being approved. Click the “Open Record”  icon  to view the payments.

  • First Time Payment Account: Number of payments in this batch that are being paid by payment accounts where this is the first time that payment account has ever been used for anything related to AutoPay. This will be all of them the first time a batch runs.
  • Non-resident Payment Account: The owner of the payment account does not live with the student whose invoice is going to be paid
  • Amount-related Fields:
    • Payment > Unpaid: payments that are charging more than the invoice’s unpaid amount
    • Number of Overrides: payments with override amounts
    • Override > Expected: payments with overrides greater than their respective expected amounts
    • Override < Expected: payments with overrides less than their respective expected amounts

Payment Records

Below the header record (“Processing Queue”) are the payments that comprise the batch. The tabs act as quick filters:

  • All Invoices: shows all invoices (the default view)
  • Type – CC: displays only payments with the payment amount type of credit card
  • Type – ACH: displays only payments with the payment amount type of ACH
  • Overrides: displays payments with override amounts
  • Excluded: displays payments that have been excluded by setting the “Status” field to “Exclude”
  • Pending Payments: displays unposted pending payments

Here are the highlights:

Field Meaning
Status Include or Exclude: Determines whether the payment will be included or excluded from the particular batch; manually update as needed
Modified Displays system or manual modified records since the last batch “Review”.
Invoice Number Link to the invoice towards which the payment will be counted.
Total Unpaid Amount Reflects the current amount unpaid on the invoice for reference.
Scheduled Amount Reflects the scheduled amount toward this invoice.
Overdue Amount Reflects any past due payments toward this invoice.
Pending Payments Reflects any unposted payments toward this invoice.
Expected Amount The amount that Veracross calculates should be paid. Click on the invoice number to see the invoice items used in the calculation.
Override Amount Manually enter an override if needed.
AutoPay Amount Reflects either the expected or override amount.
Account Description Reflects the credit card or bank account that will be used.
Resend Reminder Email Select and update to manually resend reminder emails via the action menu.

Action Menu Items

There are several Action menu items to help you review and approve AutoPay batches:

  • Review Batch: Marks the batch as reviewed and resets the modified field on the batch. Optional if helpful in your office’s workflow.
  • Approve Batch: Approves the batch for processing. Required to process the batch. An approved batch is locked. Unapprove, to make edits before it is processed.
  • Unapprove Batch: Unapprove an approved batch to make additional edits.
  • Refresh Batch: Force a refresh of the overnight process that refreshes the batch. Here’s what happens:
    • Any missing items are added.
    • Expected amounts are updated to include any changes from the invoice as well as any pending payments.
    • Payment accounts are updated if the parent made a change.
  • Full Reset: Clears all payments and re-creates the entire batch. Overrides and excludes are removed as are any other settings you may have manually adjusted.
  • Resend Reminder Notification: Sends a reminder email to any payer associated payments that have “Resend Reminder Email” checked

Refresh the Batch

Unapproved batches are refreshed overnight, picking up any student billing changes that happened since the last refresh. You can manually run the process at any time for any unapproved batch:

  1. Click the Action menu (lightning bolt).
  2. Click Refresh Batch and confirm the action when prompted.

When a batch is refreshed, overrides and excluded payments are retained. Here’s what is updated:

  • Any missing items are added.
  • Expected amounts are updated to include any changes from the invoice as well as any pending payments.
  • Payment accounts are updated if the parent made a change.

When doing a final review, refreshing the batch is recommended to ensure that any recent changes are reflected.

Review the Batch

Reviewing batches is optional but can be beneficial to your AutoPay workflow.

When a batch is reviewed:

  • The modified record counter is activated on the first review and reset with additional reviews. The modified record flag displays any system or manual record modifications since the last review.
  • Review date and person are populated on the batch.
  • Review date and person are capture in the audit log.

Approve and Unapprove the Batch

AutoPay batches must be approved in order to be processed. To manually approve a batch, on the AutoPay batch detail screen:

  1. Click the Action menu (lightning bolt).
  2. Click Approve Batch and confirm the action when prompted.

Once the batch has been approved, it is locked and cannot be edited. To make a change before the batch is processed, first unapprove it:

  1. Click the Action menu (lightning bolt).
  2. Click Unapprove Batch and confirm the action when prompted.
Batches must be approved by 9:00 AM local time to be processed the same day. 
Batches approved after 9:00 AM are automatically rescheduled for the following 
business day.

System Email Templates

Access System Email templates on the AutoPay Homepage under Invoice Defaults. System Email Templates can be customized by adding a customized school message via the school message tab.

Parent Reminder

Notify payers of upcoming AutoPay processing automatically or manually.

  • Automatically: Set the Scheduled Reminder date in the batch header. An email will get sent on that date at 3pm EST to all payers associated with the batch.
    • Disable Automatic reminders by setting the Scheduled Reminder status on Invoice Defaults  to “Disabled”.
  • Manually: Check “Resend Reminder Email” on the far right of the individual payment record, then run the Resend Reminder Notifications. The main recommended use case is to send a reminder to people whose invoices have an override amount, perhaps after the initial reminder went out and you later applied the override.

Both emails use a system email template accessible via the System Email Templates link on the AutoPay Homepage under Invoice Defaults.

Parent Notifications

Automatic notifications are sent to parents upon AutoPay processing:

  • Credit Card Success: Notifies parents that credit card payments were successful.
  • ACH Pending: Notifies parents that ACH payments are pending
  • ACH Success: Notifies parents that ACH payments were successful.
  • Failure: Notifies parents that payments failed.

Business Office Notifications

There are three notification emails that get sent to your business office. Set the recipients in the “To Address” field of the system email templates.

  • Batch Approval Reminder: Goes out three (3) days prior to the processing date if the batch has not been approved. Resends daily until the batch is approved.
  • AutoPay Batch Process Complete: This email sends once to confirm that a batch has been processed, including basic statistics such as batch details (type, date, name), number of successful and failed credit cards, and number of pending ACH payments. Review any failed transactions for follow-up with payers.
  • ACH Payment Summary: This email sends daily once for prior day ACH processing activity, typically several days after a batch processes since ACH payments take longer to clear than credit card transactions. Shows successful and failed ACH payments. Review any failed ACH payments.
  1. Locate upcoming batch several days before the AutoPay batch date via AutoPay Homepage.
  2. Refresh the batch via the action menu for updated payment record details.
  3. Review the batch and manually “Review” the batch via the action menu to time stamp and activate the modified record counter.
  4. Review payment record details including any overrides or excludes.
  5. Refresh the batch again to see if anything changed. Any manual or refreshed system changes since the most recent “Review” will be flagged modified.
  6. Repeat steps 3 – 5 as needed.
  7. “Approve” the batch the day before scheduled processing.

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