Scheduler: Configuring Global Constraints

The Settings page is used to set global constraints used by the Scheduler. If set these constraints will be applied to every Result that is run across all Scenarios. Click on the in the upper right corner of the Scheduler to access the Settings page.

Student Schedule Status

The Student Schedule Status Autocompletion is a parameter that can be set to automatically mark students schedules complete when they have been scheduled for a certain number of classes. This parameter works best if you school only offers year long classes.

To enable it, check the box in the parameter and set the number of classes that a student must be enrolled in to mark their schedule complete. The next time the Scheduler enrolls students, their schedule status will automatically be marked complete if they were scheduled for the number of classes set here.

Maximum Number of Classes per Teacher per Day

The “Maximum Number of Classes per Teacher per Day” constraint allows you to set a default for the maximum number of classes a teacher can teach in one day (see the constraints documentation to learn more). To override the default of ‘0’, type in the maximum number of classes each teacher should teach on any given day.

Approved Course Requests

The “Approved Course Requests” constraint allows you to choose whether or not the Scheduler should only satisfy student course requests that have been marked “Approved” (see the constraints documentation to learn more). Check the box in this constraint to use it.


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