Data Importer: Transportation


The Veracross Data Importer allows schools to import transportation schedules. This article covers the fields needed in the CSV import. This import type is connected with the Transportation Module, which is an add-on module. If your school does not use the Transportation module and would like to, speak with your account manager for pricing. If your school does use the Transportation module and does not currently see this importer type available, please speak with your account manager to request that it be installed.

Preparing the Data for Import

Prepare a comma-separated value (CSV) file containing the data for the fields listed below. This CSV file must contain a column for each field listed below and they must be in that same order. Even if no content is populated in the non-required columns, a column must nonetheless exist as a placeholder in order for the Data Importer to properly read the file. Upload the CSV using the Data Importer.

Fields on the Template

An asterisk (*) indicates that data is required in the field.

Field Type Notes
person_id * integer Run a Find Person query to determine.
school_year * integer YYYY format (e.g., 2018).
grading_period * integer Run a Grading Periods query to find the grading period ID.
class_fk integer Include the internal class ID if associating the schedule with an extended care or other program class.
day * integer Use the following query to locate the rotation day ID:

Replace the word “shortname” with your school’s short name found in Axiom and Portals URLs.

am_pm * text Use “am” or “pm”.
transportation_method * text This must match an existing transportation method exactly. View a transportation schedule for examples, e.g., “bus” and “car”.
bus_route integer Run a Bus Routes query and add the ID field to find the bus route ID.
bus_stop integer The bus stop must belong to the indicated bus route.
bus_zone integer Some schools may use this field to aid in billing calculations
pu_drop_off_time time Any standard time input is accepted (e.g., 2:30 pm or 14:30).
notes text Add any optional notes.

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